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Browse below to find some of the grounding and interactive activities we offer at White Trees Retreats. We can also plan local activities for you and sometimes, it's a relaxing weekend you need.



Kayak on our gorgeous lake front and drift into the sunset on a solo trip or take a guided tour and get the full Moose Lake experience through fresh water islands full of birds and wildlife. You can paddle into big groups of pelicans, see beavers and their dens. It's a nature paradise.


Pottery is an incredible way to get out of your head and into a flow stateTake a pottery class and get dirty in our lake studio over looking the lake, and create pottery to remind of your time here after you return home. We incorporate our Mindset precoaching into your project to anchor your experience.

We also offer workshops for corporate Team Building, Bridal Showers, Retirement Parties, Birthdays, Girls Nights. Connect with us to customize your workshop.

White Trees Hiking


Weave in and out of our trails in the woods of Alberta.

Your guided or solo walks can be done barefoot in the summer to ground you to Earth, or throw on some snowshoes and let's get one with winter.

Enjoy views of the lake with the peace of the wind in the leaves and the grass and sand under foot.


Beehive Tour

Take a tour of the beehives we have near White Trees and get closer to nature in this immersive experience.

We all know that bees are an integral part to our ecosystem functionality, so we are pleased to offer this special tour in a calm, peaceful and educational environment.

Beehive Tours

Urban Poling

An underrated activity, this is great for assisting you in winter walks through the forest. It helps maintain good posture and balance and can make walking in the trails a great exercise while being enjoyable all at once. Get an upper body workout while you walk.
Visit Urban Poling for more info!

Berry picking

Come spend some time with us on a guided walk and learn about the different berries and species that live here in Alberta. Pick Saskatoon berries, wild Blueberries and raspberries, depending on the season. 

Experience the peace of picking berries.

IMG_0176 2.JPG

Relax at the Beach

When you get to the lake, doesn't the beach just call to you?  At White Trees you can relax on the docks or stick your toes in the sand, grounding yourself even further to the earth.


What's better than a bon fire overlooking the lake.
Sit around the fire and connect with the other guests.

You may catch the Northern Iights and the stars never disappoint with the calling of the loons and peace of the lake to calm you.

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