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This retreat is for you if you are:






Winter is a tough time of year for a lot of us. We often let the "winter blues" get to us, and many of us dread the colder months. It's normal, but we are here to change that narrative for you.


Our seasonal retreats are a chance to reconnect with the different chapters we go through throughout the year. They are a chance to really find joy in all the seasons, even the ones that aren't your favourite.  A chance to thank Mother Earth for giving us the time to replenish and look inward.


This retreat is all about looking inward and embracing the shortest season of the year. Winter doesn't have to be a dark time, but instead a peaceful and warm time of year where we welcome the slower moving pace. As always, we are finding balance in our chakras through deeper connection and hands on experiences that are curated specifically for you.


what can you expect from the Day?

Some of things you will get to experience during your Winter Wellness Retreat are:


  • Self reflection, breathwork and EFT Tapping

  • Energy alignment, meditation and grounding 

  • Connection and laughter

  • Learning about your Chakra system

  • The experience of flow and creativity through Pottery

  • Release of stagnant winter energy through YIN Yoga

  • Sound therapy with tuning forks and crystals bowls

  • Amazing food and nourishing CORE Coffee

  • The chance to leave your the hustle and bustle behind

  • The feeling of calm from taking a day for yourself

  • The magic of every detail planned with you in mind

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Your Retreat Leaders

Sarah is the face behind White Trees Retreats and your host for a day curated from the heart especially for you. She is a Pottery Instructor, most in her element in our on site Pottery Studio. Her story will touch your heart as she leads you through a transformational experience that will ground you and give you tools to create change and anchor you to your experience.

Dana Lynn is a cofacilitator for our seasonal retreats. Dana leads us through grounding, mediation, sound frequency healing, movement and our chakra system. 


Imagine you wake up on a Saturday, a nice slow morning ahead, and a day full of activities that are already planned out for you.  No thinking necessary, just showing up.

You arrive at White Trees Retreats, taking in the beautiful energy of the lake and knowing that the day ahead will bring you connection and peace all at once.

Once you settle in, you are greeted with CORE Juice & Coffee and charcuterie to graze on as the day opens to learning and experiencing alignment and grounding of your chakras through yin yoga, sound frequency healing and pottery.


Imagine you are surrounded by a small group of like-minded souls, who are open to learn with you.

Weaving in a focus on your mindset, you feel connected through laughter, healing and creativity, The day comes to a close with more comforting nourishment, movement and a special unforgettable closing and White Trees swag to anchor you to your experience. 


It's not stressful, but instead you are reminded that there is an inner child within all of us that needs to play sometimes, too. A day just for you. 

With a small intimate group, you will have the opportunity to press pause for a day to transcend your worries and reconnect at the lake.


Looking to press  pause this winter? So are we.

Meet other incredible souls all open to learning and growing together.

Nourish yourself with meals, warm drinks and charcuterie that are good for the body & the soul.

Experience movement, art, and inner healing all in one day.

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At White Trees, we invite you to follow the natural rhythms and cycles of the season. Our retreat space is designed to allow you the opportunity to disconnect from your everyday life and reconnect with yourself.


We believe that nourishing the mind, body and soul is an important aspect of life.

With a small group setting, we cater to intimate experiences and personal connections while participating in activities that bring us closer together.


Our retreats offer a unique combination of mindset training, yoga, meditation, sound therapy and other activities aimed at enhancing your well-being.


Join us and discover a renewed sense of energy and motivation.




JDMV-9188 c.HEIC

Yoga with Marcelle

Marcelle is a 200hr RYT, 85hr PRYT, and Level 1 & 2 Yin certified instructor.

She will guide you through varying chakra focused yin postures meant to help you settle into your body, slow your breathing, still your mind, and connect with your soul. You will stretch and soften your body as you move through this practice. 


Dana at Transcending Stars

Dana is a certified shamanic Healing practitioner and founder of the Fitstar challenge.  She will guide you through modalities that facilitate grounding and self healing. You will learn about and experience sound frequency healing as you take a holistic journey that transcends your consciousness.

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Mandie from Intentions Health and Wellness

Mandie is a 200hr Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Health Coach, Chopra Certified Meditation and Well-being coach, Reiki, Crystal and Angel Healing Practitioner and an aspiring Shaman. She will guide you through the opening and closing of our day with ancient healing flow of kundalini and a magical experience.

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Brandy at Core Juice Co.

Brandy created CORE Juice with a goal to share her love of juicing and healthy eating with the Lakeland and beyond! They source top quality ingredients and choose organic whenever possible so we can fuel our bodies with nature's own! What better way to heal than from the core? 

Making Fruit Salad

Nourish Yourself

Your body needs to be taken care of the same way, if not more, than your mind. In fact, they are interconnected, so at White Trees Retreats we focus on providing you with healthy and nourishing meals that energize you and make you feel alive again.


CORE Coffee 
Fresh Focaccia
Cold Pressed CORE Juice

Ayurvedic soul nourishing meal

~ let yourself relax and indulge in charcuterie
~ spoil yourself with CORE Juice and Coffee
~ nourish your soul with clean eating, delicious food
~feel inspired and energized when you return home

...and more

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The Chakras are seen as the 7 main energy points that run from the top of the spine all the way to the bottom. They are in order as follows; Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root.


When we are feeling blocked in certain ways, there are different things we can do to focus on whichever Chakra is being specifically affected. This retreat will help teach you some basics about these concepts and take you through some incredible healing to align and ground your chakras.

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White Trees always adds an element of Chakra education into our retreats. Learning about the Chakras can help us find grounding and healing using our very own mind and body.

White Trees Retreats x Chakra System

what our guests have said

Jen Boulianne, Bonnyville, Ab

“This was an absolutely perfectly laid out day retreat. My cup is full, thank you for allowing me to pause in this sacred space and refuel."

Coralee Poltorak, Moose Lake, Ab

"This was my first ever retreat! I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous & excited. I came with an open mind and a n open heart and allowed myself to have this experience. It was the BEST decision I made!"

Aprildawn Janvier, Cold Lake First Nations, Ab

“I came in with an open mind and am leaving with the best version of myself! Leaving rejuvenated with a spark of energy! I absolutely loved my entire day here at White Trees Retreat!.”
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