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wellness retreat


Imagine a weekend at the lake waking to the sounds of birds chirping, gazing out across the lake as the water calms your soul.  Everything is taken care of for you. No need to worry about food. It's your time to relax and get grounded.

What you will experience during your weekend lake retreat:

-Mindset training ahead of time


-Group activities 

- Time alone to reflect

-Catered meals

... and so much more.

We focus on helping those who spread themselves too thin, and who feel they need something extra to ground them and bring them back to center.

wellness retreat weekends

weekend retreat dates

We are planning for Spring...stay tuned or private bookings are welcome.

Part of what we do at White Trees Retreats is mindset work prior to your time with us. We have seen firsthand how much we hold onto things from our past, and it can cause us to be unable to wind down, refresh and reset. 

We incorporate a single group mindset training session into your retreat package where we will talk about what to expect at your retreat, different ways to set up daily routines, what limiting beliefs are and how they affect our daily lives. You will receive a workbook to guide you, as well as, an inner child workbook, and of course, there will be time for live questions and answers.

Upon arrival, you will be given a tour of the property and will have time to get settled into your room where you will find a welcome package.


When you are ready, head over to the Retreat Centre to enjoy some charcuterie. The spread is designed to cover dinner and is the opportunity to chat with others at the retreat, get comfortable in your space and begin winding down for a weekend of relaxation and connection.

All of your meals will be taken care of. This will include charcuterie on Friday evening, healthy breakfasts on both days, lunch on Saturday, includes many goodies in a bagged lunch you can graze on throughout your stay and Saturday evening, enjoy a 3 course hot meal in the evening with the group.

You can participate in planned activities or spend your time relaxing on your own. The whole weekend is about giving you what you need to press pause and reset. Our days start with meditation and walking through grounding trails in the white trees. Join us in the Pottery Studio in the afternoon and relax in the evening over a 3 course meal. 

Our goal is to give you a weekend away to reconnect at the lake.

See below for an Itinerary of how your days will look during your stay with us and what rooms we have available for your stay.


$695 to $1195 CAD per person

Depending on your room choice

for double occupancy, use code WTDOUBLE at checkout to save $200 on your booking

how your days might look

Friday Evening:

Arrive at White Trees Retreats

Tour of the property and your accommodations, welcome package

Enjoy a charcuterie board, refreshments and a calm evening in the retreat common area


Wake up/Breakfast

Morning Meditation

Walk through Grounding trails with Urban Poles (demo and instruction provided)

Return to a bagged lunch and some free time to relax 

Pottery Studio time - hand build a your own mug, set your intentions and enjoy getting lost in creativity

Wind down/get ready for dinner

Enjoy a 3 course catered meal with guests 

Evening to yourself or spend the evening playing games and connecting in the common area.

Weather permitting, gather around the Bon Fire and enjoy roasting marshmallows for S'mores  


Wake up/Breakfast 

Morning meditation and grounding walk

Prepare to head home, or enjoy another activity before you leave us

Limited spots available


*keep in mind that rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis*

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