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A little recap of the Spring Wellness Retreat

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to welcome 8 like-minded, amazing souls to White Trees Retreats for a day of alignment and grounding our chakras through connection, laughter, healing and creativity.

The weather was lovely. The fresh crisp spring air blowing in from the thawing lake was warmed by rays of sunshine. It was exquisite.

The day started with smudging and opening the space to welcome in our higher selves. We connected and shared our stories as we focused on our mindset through the Emotion Freedom Technique of tapping.

Throughout the day, we learned about chakras and the affirmations, sound frequencies, colour and emotions associated with each one.

In the Pottery Studio, we chose a crystal stone, each associated with a chakra and affirmations to keep in mind as we made chakra bowls to match the stones chosen.

Getting a group of women together to share and connect with eachother is a powerful experience. We expanded our learning about energy frequencies with Danielle Girard guiding us through a beautiful group exchange of energy and a demo of modern technology to measure and balance our energies.

A highlight of the day was a Chakra series of Yin Yoga poses guided by Yoga with Marcelle and accompanied by sound frequency healing from Dana at Transcending Stars.

The sun rays peeked into our space as we melted into breath work and gentle stretching before Marcelle’s soothing voice led us through chakra focused yin postures with explanations of each chakra, their colour, sound frequency and affirmations while each guest experienced the healing sound frequencies from the tuning forks that Dana played to match each chakra focused pose. It was a magical experience.

And of course the food!

We enjoyed local CORE Coffee and Mother Earth tea with a beautiful spread of charcuterie to graze on throughout the day. Dinner was a nourishing and grounding traditional ayurvedic dish called kitchari, which is full of all those warming spices that promote gut health and ease digestion. We enjoyed sourdough bread as we filled our bellies with this comforting dish and talked about our health journeys.

The day capped off with a healing session with Dana and a special, unforgettable exercise that you will have to attend one of our retreats to experience.

The day went by so fast and we didn’t want it to end!

It is with tremendous gratitude and a full heart that I write about the 2023 Spring Wellness Day Retreat.

I am busy firing and glazing chakra bowls to package up with a few special gifts to anchor in the experience for everyone who attended. A reminder to dream without limitation and to always make time to take time for yourself.

Our Summer Retreat details are being finalized to recreate more of the same magic we generated at our Spring Retreat. Please join our mailing list for here when you can access to early registration.

The world needs more connection and we all need to take time for ourselves to fill our cups, press pause and reset.

The day wouldn’t have been possible without our local collaborators. You can learn more about Dana at, Yoga for Marcelle can be found here, Danielle can be found here, and if you are in Bonnyville, be sure to visit CORE Juice

Thank you to each of you for collaborating with White Trees Retreats.

It’s time to spend a day focusing on what’s most important; you.

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