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From Fall to Winter Activities

As we transition from Fall to Winter our activities change to meet the season. Depending on what you are wanting from your time at WhiteTrees, we can fill up your schedule with activities or, if you are looking for down time to relax at the lake with a good book, we can accommodate that too.

Our trails are always amazing to walk through whether you are barefoot in the summer, hikers in the fall or snowshoes in winter, getting out and breathing in the fresh air is rejuvenating. As the lake freezes over we shift our activities to combine the indoors where it’s cozy and warm with the best of the outdoors winter has to offer such as ice skating on the lake, snowshoeing and skiing.

If curling up on the couch with a blanket and cup of tea watching a movie or reading a good book is what you are looking for, we’ve got you covered.

If you’d like to go skiing, the Lakeland has beautiful cross country ski trails and Kinooso Ridge downhill ski resort as well.

If you’d like to head to the spa, we offer foot soaks and facials or we can book you in at a local spa that, in addition to your typical spa treatments, has Salt Caves also known as halotherapy. Spending time in a salt cave can bring on the same relaxation and healing properties that spending time near the ocean does for the body. A perfect winter escape!

If you are interested in learning about wine or cider, we have amazing options for an evening in learning about wine paired with gourmet food OR a night out at our local Journey North Cidery complete with a tour and a meal of appies, and savoury eats paired nicely with their locally crafted ciders

And of course we can spend time in the pottery studio getting our hands dirty and our minds busty concentrating on creating a keepsake to enjoy for years to come.

Whatever the season, we have something for you and would love to customize a retreat to fit your needs.

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