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Do you consciously set intentions?

At White Trees we focus on weaving intentions into our activities and your experiences here.

It amazes me to see pottery from 20 years ago or from thousands of years ago still being functional and still being used. I love visiting family and friends to see that they use a mug I have made them or they have some piece of pottery that stands the test of time.

Most pieces I make have intentions built into them. I quite often make something with someone specific in mind and think about them as I create the piece, infusing it with good intentions for them. Some of my favourite gifts are homemade gifts and gifts that are thoughtful and meaningful.

When you come for a retreat here, the Mindset Training ahead of time gets you setting intentions for your weekend with us so that when you are here, we can transition that intention into your weekend and into the pottery you make in our studio. Whether you make something for yourself or for someone else, our hope is that you are reminded of your intentions and of the time you spent with us. We hope that when you use your mug, it brings you joy. It makes you smile. We hope the same for the person who is gifted it as well.

It is magical when you spend time making our pottery piece with us. Art is therapy.

When you create something, you escape your worries and focus on what you are creating. You use a different part of your brain and it gives you a rest from how busy and over scheduled life gets. You get to press pause and access the creative side of your brain. It’s so therapeutic and relaxing.

We are working on pulling together an amazing spring retreat for you. We are partnering up with some local services to provide an amazing experience for you. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, it’s the Christmas season! Snow is here to stay!

Do you have a team at work that wants to do something fun together? Do you have a group of friends and or family you get together with every Christmas season? Do you want to do something unique for a birthday party? Pottery is an amazing team building activity and we can accommodate groups of up to 5-10 people with or without charcuterie. Drop us a line to book your private event!

We have some workshops planned as well that we would love to see you out for. If you have already joined one of our workshops, message us for a discount code to attend your next workshop. We appreciate you coming to create in our studio with us.

My intentions for you this holiday season is that you are safe and warm, fill your days with lots of laughter, find time to connect with friends and family and that you take the time to appreciate the small things.

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