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Why it's so important to take care of ourselves

Oh how amazing, yet fragile, our brains can be. I wanted to talk a bit deeper on my experiences growing up.

I have genetic predisposition to mental health and the struggles that come with it. In my teen years and into my 20’s, I battled the normal monsters we all do, with a little bit of "spice" added.

Luckily, I had supportive parents with an open door and patience to allow me to learn how to cope and bring myself back to center.

To this day, I still have challenges that stop me in my tracks. And I have learned so many coping mechanisms throughout the years that help me catch myself from getting sick again. However, I have my moments where the only thing that can lift me out the darkness is medication.

This has been a hard spot for me, because of the stigmas attached to taking medication for mental health. But why is this not more widely accepted? Why don't we see it the same as taking antibiotics for an infection? Or casting a broken arm?

I bring this up because it's important to be aware of the bigger changes in your life that trigger mental health issues. Big life changes such as divorce, death, breakups, change in employment, moves.... these things can all trigger your fight or flight response and start a mental spiral.

It's so incredibly important to develop coping mechanisms to transition through big changes, and if you need medication to help, it does NOT define you and it sure doesn't have to be a source of shame.

We are human, and we deserve to feel safe in our own skin. This brings me to my last point, to talk about the entrepreneurs out there that are over-scheduled, overwhelmed and just done with the added stressors that come with working for yourself.

White Trees Retreats is a haven for those who are looking for a way to wind down and press pause.

We prepare you before you arrive with knowledge and some coping mechanisms you can implement, so that when you get here, you get leave it all behind.

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