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Meeting your Inner Child

When you come to one of our retreats, we do some work together ahead of time to focus on your mindset. We give you some tools that you can use leading up to your retreat and in your day to day life moving forward. We dive into the root cause of what could be holding you back.

As we grow up, we are influenced by the people around us and there are triggering events and experiences that shape our thoughts and beliefs. The interesting thing is that the meaning we attach to things as children may not be serving us in our lives today.

You may have had a coach cut you from the volleyball team and tell you his reason for cutting you is because you are not a team player. At the time, you attach a meaning to that comment and create a belief about yourself that affirms that comment. From that moment forward you have a belief that you aren’t cut out to be part of teams and your decisions to participate or even try out for teams in the future are shaped by this limiting belief.

That young girl or boy, is your Inner Child, and part of our training will allow you to go back to those early memories and rephrase the beliefs you created for yourself when you were a child.

Where you can meet that child and tell them a different version of what they experienced from the perspective of your adult self. You can reassure them that they are safe to let go of that belief and replace it with a new perspective and understanding.

Finding your inner child can also be fun. What did you do in your childhood just for fun?

Adding play into your life is good for your mental health and reduces stress. Take pleasure in the simple things, be playful…..remember being bored as a kid? We could all use some space to be bored again, to just be, time to laugh and time to reflect. We are reserving a spot just for you.

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