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Our Opening Retreat at White Trees Retreats.

Our first Retreat is in the books! It was amazing. My heart is full.

We welcomed our guests with a tour the property and their accommodations complete with a Welcome Package of their own White Trees Retreats toque, a hand cream for after getting their hands dirty in the Pottery Studio, a mini hand sanitizer (given the current times we are living in) and a copy of their Itinerary for the weekend.

Friday evening was laid back with a charcuterie board to graze on in our common area. Our mission is to create a peaceful space for people to relax and unwind. We want everything taken care of for you for the weekend, so all you have to focus on is enjoying the view and your time here.

After breakfast on Saturday we settled in for a meditation together that gave our guests the opportunity to travel back to their younger selves. This exercise was an extension of the Mindset Training we did together ahead of time. There are many ways we can hold ourselves back and it is common for blocks to begin in our childhoods. Taking the time to revisit memories and reframe them from the perspective of your adult self can free us from them.

Our activities for Saturday were Urban Poling in the morning with our local instructor and Pottery in the afternoon.

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining bright on our lessons for using the Urban Poles and it was perfect weather for getting a good workout in. Urban Poling, or Nordic Walking, incorporates the aerobic and strength building benefits of cross country skiing with the low impact exercise of walking. By adding poles, you turn a walk into a full body workout using 90% of your body’s muscles. It can be done by people of all ages and various fitness levels and it’s fun.

Our guests enjoyed a bagged lunch and lounged through some down time overlooking the lake before we got busy in the Pottery Studio creating hand built mugs together. The best part of creating pottery is how therapeutic it can be to concentrate so much on what you are doing that time flies by and your mind gets to escape for a while.

The mugs are in the process of drying and being fired before they will be glazed and fired one last time. I am looking forward to sending off the finished pieces to our guests to enjoy for years to come. Every cup of tea or coffee will be a reminder the weekend they took for themselves. We all deserve time to press pause and reconnect.

Saturday night was a relaxing evening over a 3 course meal followed by a foot soak and great conversation.

We hit the trails on Snow Shoes after breakfast on Sunday and took time to ground ourselves to the trees and quiet our minds to sounds of the wind and the birds. It was beautiful and starting off the day with movement was the perfect way to cap off the weekend before our guests headed back home.

Our next retreat is planned for April 1st to 3rd. Are you ready to press pause? Do you need a weekend away to reconnect at the lake?

Spend a weekend with us, we’ve centered our activities on giving you what your soul is craving. Come join us. Do it for you.

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