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Spring Clean Up: Mindset Addition

What is really behind a positive mindset? Is it happiness?

We have been conditioned to believe it’s material things or a good job, going to school or maybe it’s losing 20 pounds that will make us happy. We have been conditioned to work towards a vacation, new cars, a bigger house with 2 kids and a dog…

We are conditioned to believe that accomplishing these things will make us happy and this may be exactly what prevents us from finding happiness.

Learning to master your mindset and take control of your mind could be the key to finding happiness. You can call it mindset, feeling good, being content, at peace….whatever you call it, the search for happiness may be simpler that we think.

Why do we struggle with addiction in our society? Why do we use devices to change the way we feel, to make us feel good and to make us feel happy?

The problem with using devices to find happiness is that devices are temporary sources of satisfaction. None of them create lasting happiness. We need to stop buying in to concept that something on the outside is going to make us happy. We need to tap in to a natural source of happiness. It’s inside, not outside.

What does it take to be happy? How do you make happiness your internal mindset?

Resist the conditioning.

We mistake an occasion as the source of joy when it’s the feeling of joy that comes from inside us that creates the joy. What if we changed our goals to a goal of being happy instead of the goal of achieving something or going somewhere, meeting someone etc. to make us happy?

Maybe we need to shift our mindset from life being an outcome, to it being a process; about finding balance and making happiness not something you work towards but something you experience. If you don’t like what you are experiencing change your mindset.

We talked about a few ways to change your mindset in our recent Mindset Matters Blog and another simple way to reprogram your mind is with positive affirmations. You can download Our 28 Days Of Affirmations package that is designed for clearing out the negative thoughts.

Consider it spring cleaning for the mind.

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