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My husband and I have always talked about bringing people to our property to experience the lake, activities like touring around on the pontoon boat or kayaking behind the islands. We've always wished we could show people how beautiful the winters are here, between ice skating on the lake or ice fishing to cross country skiing. But the idea of retreats really started after a weekend visit from our friends who own Rig Hand Distillery. The plans for their new distillery near the Edmonton airport include a pottery studio, so this visit was dedicated to teaching them pottery. When we first built our "shop" (which friends joke is more like a second house), the dream was to have my own studio, so my husband built me just that. As we went through a crash course in pottery, Geoff kept saying how we should be filming for other people to learn. He told me about YouTube membership sites and how people were making money off of their videos. Of course, the conversation continued moving downhill (or uphill, depending on your perspective) to topless lessons and scenes from ghost, but I digress.

All jokes aside, Geoff and Karen said they would pay to come spend a weekend learning pottery, and this is where the idea to offer classes in person, or online, came to be. These past couple of years, I have stumbled on to personal growth and development and COVID brought me a silver lining; the ability to have access to anything and everything that would have otherwise only been available in person. Tony Robbins, an incredible mentor in the personal development space, put on a few virtual events, some free, which led me to attending my first UPW (Unleash the Power Within) event, which is where I met Cara, my business Coach. Cara has been taking me through a course which teaches women how to create and launch a business in 90 days. Although I jumped into this course with a vision for pottery, it quickly broadened offering a full retreat with pottery being one of the many experiences you can have here.

Jump ahead 90 days, and as you can see, my vision is becoming a reality. The idea my husband and I had over years of conversation in the hottub, is finally coming together. It is so important to press pause once in a while, to take a break from how busy life gets, to reconnect with yourself and the outdoors. It’s also vital to learn to incorporate daily time for yourself. I am passionate about teaching people what I have learned and about sharing our space for overscheduled entrepreneurs to rest and recharge. Whether it be your job, your team, your business, your family or a corporate retreat, White Trees Retreats welcomes you to arrive with everything taken care of, no meals to make, nothing to worry about…just time to truly unwind and relax.

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