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What are limiting beliefs?

What are limiting beliefs?

They are essentially stories that we have carried with us, sometimes since childhood, that we hold onto that can dictate our lives and the decisions we make in our everyday lives.

Discovering what your limiting beliefs are can be really difficult. They can be buried deep in our subconscious impacting us without us even knowing it.

I found an exercise along my journey that helped to open up my subconscious to the stories that I was holding onto.

Start by looking at yourself in the mirror and out loud, speak to yourself like a bully would, say it in a voice that you would hear from a playground bully at school. You'll notice some nasty words will come up: you’re not good enough, nobody cares what you have to say, you’re too young, too old, not smart enough, just a loser, get a real job….whatever comes up for you, you'll begin to feel the weight behind these words because whatever you discover is a story you believe about yourself.

I found myself in tears after this exercise, but it was so powerful and important for growth.

Would I ever say this to someone I care about? Would I ever say this to anyone period? What if I heard someone say these things to my child? Mama bear would come out swinging! So why is it ok for us to say these things to ourselves?

The reason this exercise is so powerful is because it brings all of those negative thoughts of self to the surface, so we can then begin to work through them and heal from those wounds that gave us these beliefs.

We have a choice when it comes to our thoughts. Rewrite your story. Catch yourself when you fall back into these limiting beliefs, because you will, over and over again, because they are deep in your subconscious. If you can recognize them and consciously choose to change them, your brain will rewire itself to a new perspective, changing your perception. It’s called neuroplasticity and thankfully you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Here's a quick video about limiting beliefs

At White Trees, we understand how our limiting beliefs can sneak up on us and how difficult it can be to truly relax when we take time for ourselves. That's why we prepare you before you arrive with tools and techniques to help challenge these beliefs that hold you back in life and in business.

It’s our vision to allow you to come stay with us to press pause and reset, recharge, reprogram and reboot if you will.

Consider us your Control Alt Delete.

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