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Why do we incorporate coaching into our retreat?

Do you ever plan a vacation only to get sick as soon as you get there? Or does it take you a couple days to unwind to be able to relax when you go on vacation? We are so used to being busy and overscheduled that when we finally stop to take a break, our immune system can crash or we need time to get into relaxation mode.

It’s our vision at White Trees Retreats to prepare you ahead of time to be ready to truly relax when you get here, so you can not worry about work, not worry about any of the details…you can unplug and recharge, so you are refreshed and ready to kick some serious you know what when you get back home.

Before arriving, we will go through an orientation with you so you know what to expect from your time here. We will also provide you with coaching and tools to help you leave it all behind. Tools that you can use moving forward.

One concept that really made things click for me is called stacking. Have you ever patiently asked your child to do something over and over again before losing it and snapping at them? This is called stacking, you stack an emotion on top of another one until boom! You explode.

The beautiful thing is that just as easily as you can stack negative emotions, you can also stack positive ones. Starting your day with gratitude and remembering to be thankful for the things in your life can stack up to create a beautiful state to operate from.

It has been scientifically proven that we need downtime to replenish the brain’s ability to pay attention and be motivated, to allow for increases in productivity and creativity and essentially, to achieve our highest levels of performance in everyday life. Giving ourselves a chance to let our minds wander opens us up to be able to learn from the past and plan for the future.

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