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Why is nature therapeutic?

I love starting my days with a walk in our trails or, if the lake is nice and calm, hopping in my kayak for a morning paddle with my air pods and nature. It never ceases to amaze me how much of a difference it makes to start my day with exercise, fresh air and connecting to the great outdoors.

Have you ever heard of grounding? I recently watched a documentary called The Earthing Movie ( that really clicked for me. To try to summarize the concept as simply as I can, we are made up of atoms with positive and negative protons and electrons. So is everything else in this world. The trees, the grass…and it’s as simple as understanding grounding of an electrical plug, we need to ground ourselves as well.

It’s only been in recent history that we all wear rubber soled shoes everywhere we go and added pavement and concrete to travel on. Have you ever thought of why we all feel so rested and rejuvenuated after we go on a vacation to the Beach? Because we take off our shoes and walk in the sand. We connect directly with the Earth.

It wasn’t until I saw this movie that I gave it much thought. When do I walk around barefoot? How much? Not a lot if ever!

I realized that I even put on my water shoes to head down for a kayak, so I started making a conscious effort to walk in the yard barefoot more and made sure that I was barefoot getting into my kayak. I also started taking my shoes off during my walks in our trails. There is a reason why Nature is so therapeutic and there’’s even science to back it.

So come for a visit to the lake where you can sit around the campfire and look at the stars across the water. Laze on the beach with your feet in the sand. Go for a walk in the white trees and connect with nature. Hear the birds, breath fresh air and just be. Reset. Recharge. Return home rested and ready to level up in your business.

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