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Winter to Spring.

As we patiently wait for the ice to melt on the lake and the buds on the trees to turn the landscape from grey to green, we dream of kayaking, the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of footsteps on the dock.

Although it feels like winter is staying with us longer than normal this year. Each season has its gifts. There is magic in the crispness of a fresh snow fall and the contrast of the bright blue sky and sunshine on winter day. Alberta is home to big wide open skies and lots of sunlight to brighten long winter days. In fact, Alberta has the highest number of sunny days in Canada with 312 annually.

This past winter was full of snowshoeing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, urban poling, hiking and walking. Depending on the year, we also get to skate on Moose Lake. We’ve had years where we have cleared a skating rink and strung Christmas lights to skate into the evenings under the stars and the moon.

Twice since we lived here, we were lucky enough to experience the lake freeze when it was perfectly calm. So calm that you can see straight down to the bottom of the lake and see fish swimming by. So calm that you can skate from side of the lake to the other. It’s pure magic.

As we transition to spring, the bikes come out and the snow melts on the lake uncovering 3 feet of ice that begins the process of melting while we look forward to bon fires, endless sunsets and longer nights; Northern lights and puddles; getting all the docks back in, the boats out and the patio furniture out; planting flowers and gardens; watching the landscape turn green again.

Have you ever heard the sound of ice melting? There is a sound near the end of the melt that tinkles and sounds like a symphony. We love to get our kayaks out and paddle along the shore breaking up the ice and picking up honeycomb like chunks of ice.

Ice is one of Mother Nature’s forces to be reckoned with. Here is Alberta we take our docks out every year because the ice can pick your dock up and twist it into pieces. Move it from one side of the lake to the other. Some years the wind blows the ice across the lake into huge piles of ice on the shore only to blow it across to the other side of the lake depending on the direction of the wind.

One year, the ice created a heave in the ground the folded the ground up a meter high in some spots and demolished retaining walls. Some years the ice doesn’t move at all and eventually sinks one day. Living here from year to year and experiencing the ice melt keeps us in awe of the power of Mother Nature.

With spring also comes symphonies of birds and frogs. The sound of the frogs are so loud some years, it’s almost deafening. If you walk towards the sound, it goes silent only to pick up again as soon as you stop moving for a while.

It always amazes me how quickly the yellow leaves blow off the trees in the fall and how quickly the trees turn green again in the spring. It’s happens within days and clearly marks the seasons for us.

We are SO ready for spring to arrive. Come on spring. You can do it!

We are looking forward to sharing our slice of heaven with you. Come and experience the great outdoors. The magic of Mother Nature. The therapy of being next to water. The sound of birds singing and the feeling a good night’s sleep without the sounds of traffic.

We want to facilitate some peace in your life. A weekend away at the lake to press pause and recharge.

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